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Will Solar Work For Your Home?

You’ll get the most out of this guide if you first understand if you’re a good fit for solar. Solar panels are a great investment for many homeowners but they aren’t right for everyone. They’re most worth it if: You own your property: If you’re a renter or part of an HOA, you’ll need to check with the property owner or homeowners association before making any concrete plans for your solar system. You pay a lot for electricity: The higher your monthly electricity bill, the faster you’ll save money with your new solar system.

Your roof is the ideal setup: You don’t need to live somewhere where the sun is always shining for solar to be worth it – but you do need to have a suitable roof. The ideal roof for solar is south-facing, has a tilt between 30 and 45 degrees, has plenty of open space, experiences minimal shading throughout the day, and is in good condition. If you have an east or west-facing roof, you can still go solar and expect to save thousands, you might just lose some production. You can take advantage of incentives: The cost of solar panels largely depends on the value of incentives available to you, which varies based on where you live and your tax liability. If you live in a state with net metering and you have enough tax liability to take advantage of the solar tax credit , you’ll break even on your solar investment sooner.

If you meet these criteria, solar will probably work for your home, but your home doesn’t have to be a perfect fit for solar for you to benefit from it. Plenty of homeowners will still save money with the right installation, or with an alternative approach like a community solar subscription.

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How to choose the best solar panels for your home The best solar panels for you might not be the best solar panels for your neighbor – but some key factors can help you compare your options:

Whether you want to save thousands on electric bills, lower your carbon footprint, or fully electrify your home, going solar is a great place to start. Today, adding solar panels to your home is an easy and popular way to boost your home’s value and energy savings.

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