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Temperature Control: Though modules need solar energy – aka sunshine – to produce usable electricity, solar panels are actually most efficient at low temperatures. Panels designed with materials to reduce the impacts of higher temperatures generally have higher efficiencies. Another benefit of cells with temperature control features is extended lifetimes, as extreme temperatures can damage cells.

Low Reflectivity: Minimizing the reflection of light off of a cell’s surface can increase efficiency. By reducing reflectivity, a cell can successfully capture and transform more solar energy into usable electricity.

 Low Recombination: Electric current within solar cells flows through charge carriers, or negatively-charged electrons, and holes, or positive charge carriers. Recombination occurs when these two charge carriers encounter each other and recombine. According to the Office of Energy Efficiency & Renewable Energy, there are two main forms of recombination: indirect and direct. “Direct recombination, in which light-generated electrons and holes encounter each other, recombine, and emit a photon, reverses the process from which electricity is generated in a solar cell. Indirect recombination is a process in which the electrons or holes encounter an impurity, a defect in the crystal structure, or interface that makes it easier for them to recombine and release their energy as heat.” Cells designed to prevent recombination prevent the loss of solar energy as light or heat, resulting in higher efficiencies.

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