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1KW Solar Set Off Grid Solar System Power Solar Energy System for Home
Product Description
An off-grid solar system allows you to generate your own electricity from the sun and store it using a rechargeable battery bank. The main components in an off-grid solar setup include:

• Solar panels - Converts sunlight into DC electrical current to charge the batteries. Multiple panels are wired together to generate the power required for your needs.

• Charge controller - Regulates the current from the solar panels to properly charge the batteries. It prevents overcharging and protects against overloads for maximum safety and battery life.

• Batteries - Stores the energy from the solar panels to provide continuous power even when the sun is not shining. Deep-cycle batteries are designed for solar energy storage.

• Inverter - Converts the DC battery power into AC electricity to run standard household outlets and devices. Sized according to how much power you need at any given time.

• Racking and mounts - Safely secures the solar panels at the proper angle to maximize sunlight exposure over the course of the year.

• Disconnects and overcurrent protection - Adds safety features to de-energize the system when needed and prevent hazards like short circuits.

• PV combiner box- provides a centralized connection point to safely collect the DC power output from multiple solar panels

•Other equipment - Includes connection cables, lugs/terminals, and tools required for installation.

1000W Off Grid Solar System (Case two) 






Solar Panel

Mono 320W

2 pieces



12V 100AH

2 piece



12V 30A

1 piece




1 piece


PV Cable

The Standard 4mm2

100 meters


MC4 Connector


4 pieces


Mounting Brackets


1 piece










Consult a sales consultant for more details

Daily Power Generation/Storage 

Power Generation 

3.2 degrees

Battery Storage Capacity 

2.4 degress




Support Loads 


Computer 150W

Cooker 600W

Lighting/Fan 50W

TV 100W

Using Time 

26 Hours

5 Hours

60 Hours

32 Hours


1.The above use time is for separate use of electrical appliances.

2.The theoretical value is tested for reference only.

3.Resistive load within 1000W,inductive load within 300W









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