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Product Description


Product Descriptions



Commercial solar grid-connected power generation systems are used in commercial, industrial, and government power stations. AS supplies the most complete solar on-grid configuration on the market.


The grid-connected solar power generation system converts solar energy into electric energy without storing energy into the battery, and directly sends the electric energy to the grid through the grid-tied inverter. The characteristics of electricity consumption in these places are mainly: large electricity consumption, long daily electricity consuming time, high voltage (mainly three-phase voltage), and high annual electricity bills. Through the solar grid-connected power generation system, most of the city power use can be saved every year, and the electricity bill is greatly reduced.


Technical Specifications 





550W Mono Solar Panel 

55 Pieces 

91 Pieces 

182 Pieces 

Hybrid Inverter 




DC Combiner Box 

1 Piece 

1 Piece

1 Piece

PV Cable 4MM2

600 Meter

1000 Meter

2000 Meter

Mounting Brackets

1 Set

1 Set

1 Set

MC4 Connector

60 Pieces

70 Pieces

100 Pieces

Installation Tool

1 Set

1 Set

1 Set


10 years warranty for complete solar power system, free design.


Main Products

Half Cut Mono 550W Solar Panel

Peak Power Watts: 550W

Maximum Power Voltage: 41.95V

Maximum Power Current: 13.12A

Open Circuit Voltage: 49.8V

Short Circuit Current: 13.99A Dimensions:2278x1134x35mm


Growatt On Grid Solar Inverter

1. 6 /7MPPTs 2. Smart diagnosis

3. High efficiency up to 99%

4. Local WIFI configuration

5. String monitoring 6. DC side 2 in 1 connection enabled

Solar Mounting System

1. Ground Solar Mounting System

2. Residential Roof(Pitched Roof)

3. Car parking solar mounting system

4. Vertical wall solar
mounting system

5. Commercial Roof(Flat roof&workshop roof) 6. All aluminum structure solar mounting system

7. Ballasted mount, Do not harm the roof structure.

8. Most Parts are Preinstalled, Save 50% Labour Force



1.AC Cable

2DC Switches

3. AC Breaker

4.AC/DC Combine box

5.PV Cable

Monitoring System

Up to 32 inverters connection.
Multi-function and high performance. Local webserver for easy configuration. Support external sensor to realize zero-export function.


Professional packaging

Projects Cases




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